My God Damn Territory


A lot is happening now.


A new album called "The Stabby Sessions" has been released with 29 songs

and videos mastered through a bunch of VHS tapes.

"The Stabby Sessions" could just as well be the soundtrack for a beautiful movie".


Eddie B (Page, Sista mannen på jorden) has made a new Redux

for the song Beyond TQ from the album "Who are you talk show?".


A project named Pjnaru Lession is about to be finished.

A medley of parts of songs and videos from the beginning

of the "My God Damn Territory circus."

The medley runs for 108 minutes and features over 100 songs.


Last but not least.

My God Damn Territory will start recording a synth album

together with Eddie B (Page, Sista mammen på jorden)

and Hans Karlsson (Bring the Hoax) right now!


interesting article about MGDT:


Mycket nöje önskar (much pleasure desire) Kajsa & Mark!

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The entire Stabby Sessions Album

(The seventh album 2014)

Beyond TQ (Redux)

By Eddie B

Stinging Nettle (Redux)

Live At Roth Händle




My God Damn Territory started as an impulsive musical collaboration.

Since the start different members and guests have passed through the lineup.

Starting out as quickly recorded demos Kjahart started editing

and piecing together new &/or vastly different songs

from the rough simple structures of the demos.

Influenced by Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Electro, indiepop & Noiserock

a new more collage typed sound evolved from the original recordings.

Its loud, noisy, poppy and moving forward.




For every song on the album there is a short film made by Kjahart.

Pairing lo-fi footage with collected materials the films are a seemingless

match to the often abrasive and noise fueled music.




MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY ALBUMS (Click images for details) :

The Stabby Sessions

(The Seventh album 2014)

vs. Page

(The Third Album 2012)

Who Are You Talk Show?

(The Sixth Album 2014)

Revenge Of

The Defying Association

(The Second Album 2011)

Evoked Potential

(The Fifth Album 2013)

Between Art & Failure

(The First Album 2009)

The Fjuckby Sessions

(The Fourth Album 2013)







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